Electric Blinds Full Cassette

Full cassette blinds are designed specifically to give you 100% black out, this doesn’t mean you need to have black fabric, there is a huge choice of colours available to match your d├ęcor.

Full cassette blinds have a head box, side channels and also a bottom bar to eliminate light when lowered, the head box covers the roller tube with the fabric, the bottom bar then slides down side channels guiding the fabric up and down, having the side channels means that you get no light ingress from the sides of the windows and the head box eliminates the light from the top of the window. When the bottom bar reaches the bottom of the window this then covers the opening completely giving you the black out quality required.

  • SHY Zip Full Cassette Blind With Mermet Fabric
    SHY Zip Full Cassette Blind With Mermet Fabric

These blinds are great in any Bedroom, if you are sensitive to early morning light they can be essential in making sure you get a good nights sleep, they are also installed to Home Cinema Rooms again giving essential black out qualities needed to see a large screen. We also install them to offices and schools where projectors are often used. These are very flexible blinds which can be made in large sizes to accommodate any window even if your window leans inwards or outwards, they can be installed as the fabric is held captive within the side channels and cannot fall out, as the side channels and head box are made of Aluminium it means they can be powder coated in any RAL colour to match you windows

Full cassette blinds are available manual or motorised, if you have a manual blind you can have either a crank handle to raise and lower the blind or a traditional cord. By far the most popular way is motorised, especially for the larger blinds. You operate them either with a remote control handset or wire free wall switch.