Electric Blinds Venetian

Electric Venetian blinds can look fantastic in any home, whether it’s a period property or ultra modern, Venetian blinds can give you light control for any day, bright and sunny or grey and raining. The blind can be raised to open up the whole window and allow light to flood in, or it can be lowered all the way down. Then you have the benefit of being able to tilt the slats to allow a certain amount of light in without people from the outside being able to see in.

Again the Venetian blinds are controlled via Somfy Motors, some are mains powered 240v and some are 24v which will require a transformer, operation of the blinds can be any RTS remote control handset or wire free wall switch.

Electric Venetian blinds are available in two different formats:

  • Aluminium
  • Wooden

The aluminium venetian blinds come in a huge range of colours, you can have a single colour or you can mix and match them if you prefer, they are a great way of covering a large window as they are very light in weight, being aluminium they are easy to clean and wipe down.

The wooden venetian blinds are a little more traditional in their stained colours but they can brought right in the 21st century with a painted finish, the slats tend to be larger than on the aluminium venetians and allow a little more light through when fully lowered.