The Eliminate Electric Blind For Roof Lanterns

This is a JRS Eliminate electric blind recently installed to a standard sized roof lantern. At Deans we gets calls everyday about how to shade Roof Lanterns, Skylights and Roof Lights with a nice, neat practical solution.

This blind really is a great idea for all your shading needs, if your new glass roof is too hot or too bright and makes your room difficult to fully enjoy we can offer this blind with either anti glare fabric or like this one with a black out density fabric, just be the fabric is black out doesn’t mean the colour black we have a huge choice of fabric colour to match in with your overall decor.

Operation couldn’t be simpler, with an easy to use remote control handset you will be able to operate the blind from anywhere in the home, the signal is Radio (RTS) meaning just one push of the button and the signal will travel through walls, ceilings, doors and even concrete so you don’t have to be standing right underneath, the smooth Somfy motors are almost silent running as as the video below shows, so no heavy cluncking or clattering disturbing your dinner parties!!

If you are worried about having another remote control to lose then we can offer you a wire free wall switch that can be located anywhere even inside a cupboard so it’s out of site, all you need to do is provide a a 240v power supply in the area the blind is to be installed and the Deans fitters will do the rest.

Take a look at the video and if you want anymore help or information call us on 020-8947-8931 or email