FAQ’s for Electric Blinds for Bifold Doors

How do you operate the blinds?
All 240v electric or battery operated electric blinds work from a wire free wall switch or a remote control handset

What power do I need to install?
If the blinds are 240v then you need to have a mains power supply installed to connect the blinds too, this needs to be as close to the blind as possible and is traditionally installed inside the door recess, this can be on the left or right hand side as the motors can be fitted at either end. All power supplies need to go back to a 5amp switched fuse spur so the power can be isolated

How do the battery operated blinds work?
Exactly as the name suggest these blinds are battery operated, the batteries are a wand type battery that sits behind the blind, they work the same as the 240v electric blinds but they do have maximum lifting capabilities so please speak to Deans and they will advise if the battery system can be used for your blinds

Where do the blinds fit?
The electric blinds covering bifold doors are generally installed to the top of the recess, this is assuming the doors open outwards, this gives a nice neat finish and makes the blinds look like part of the overall structure

Can the blinds be hidden away?
Yes we would suggest you go for the 240v electric blinds in this situation, if you are going to build a recess in the roof space then call Deans who will be happy to tell you all the dimensions you need to know. The signal from the remote control is RTS (radio) meaning the signal will travel through wood, plaster, brick and even concrete

What fabrics can I have?
We have a huge choice of fabrics for you to choose from, you can have plain opaque’s, plain black outs or even see through screen fabrics

Will I see the blinds and wires?
Deans finish all of their electric bifold door blinds with an aluminium pelmet, this is then powder coated to match the doors. When the blinds roll up they are discreetly hidden away from view, all you see is the pelmet and that looks like it is part of the doors. This pelmet also helps to hide any unsightly wiring

How are the blinds finished?
The blinds are finished with either a wrapped bottom bar so all you see is the fabric, you can have a brushed steel bottom bar or a white bottom bar, it’s your choice and cost’s the same whatever you choose

How reliable are the blinds?
Deans only use Somfy motors, so these are extremely reliable and carry a 5 year guarantee for extra peace of mind

Can we have a timer?
Yes Somfy offer a remote control handset with a timer function built in so this can be used on either the 240v electric motors or the battery operated motors, extremely useful to give the impression that someone is home even when you are away

Can these electric blinds be connected to a Home Automation system?
The simple answer is yes but they must be the 240 electric blind and not the battery operated version, we will need to know what system you are installing so we can supply you with the necessary receivers, transmitters etc. The systems are bespoke made so take a little more work to get the blinds talk to your system, we will fit them but we will not connect into your system this must be done by you own engineer

FAQ’s for Roof Lantern Blinds

How do you operate the blind?
All roof lantern and skylight blinds are motorised and work from a remote control handset or a wire free wall switch

What power supply do I need?
All roof lantern and skylight blinds require a mains power supply with a 5amp fused spur

Can they be battery operated?
NO all roof lantern and skylight blinds use a 240v motor

Where will it fit?
Roof lantern and skylight blinds are fitted within the recess, they can be fitted at the top of the recess to keep the height of the lantern when the blind is being used or if you prefer it can be fitted lower down, it’s you own personal choice

What fabric can I have?
We do a huge range of fabrics in numerous colours, it really depends on what the blind is for

Can I have a Black Out blind?
Yes we can do a roof lantern or skylight blind with black out fabric, they come in a choice of colours to suit all tastes

I don’t want to see any cords can this be avoided?
This will depend on which blind is specified and how big it is, we offer a number a different roof blind solutions. We will inform you if extra tension wires are required and if they will be visible but generally we will find a system that will make sure no guide wires are visible when the blind is not in use

What will the blind look like?
All roof lantern and skylight blinds have a cassette that the fabric and the motor is housed in, then you have side channels which the fabric slides down and some blinds also have a bottom box containing tension cords

What colour is the metal cassette?
The standard cassette colour is White but as all of the metal work is aluminium we can have it all powder coated in a RAL colour of your choice

How big is the cassette and side channels?
This will depend on which blind is specified and also how big the blind is, Deans will tell you everything you need when a detailed survey is carried out

How reliable are the blinds?
All the roof lantern and skylight blinds we supply and install are fitted with Somfy motors, all Somfy motors carry a 5 year guarantee and are used in most electric awnings, gates, shutters and blinds

Can we build the blind into the roof space so it is hidden?
Yes this can be done but we would recommend that we fit the blind after the roof lantern or skylight has been installed, when the blind is built into the building it makes it very difficult if we ever need to get access to it. The remote control will carry the signal through Plaster, Plasterboard, Brick and Wood. We have carried this out a number of times for clients but you have to be aware the blind cannot be moved once fitted as they work to very fine tolerances so extra care is needed when building around it