Markilux 889 TracFix Electric Blind For Skylights

The Markilux 889 TracFix is a fantastic electric blind to help shade Skylights and Roof Lanterns. This is one of the solutions that Deans of London have on offer to make your room more usable, greatly reducing heat, glare and UV.

Markilux are a German company and are considered to be the Rolls Royce of awning manufacturers, as you can expect the engineering is second to none and not only that but Markilux spend a huge amount of money on R & D so the aesthetics of the blind are also very pleasing to the eye, fitting seamlessly into any modern room. A sleek round profile on the blind cassette containing the roller, cloth and motor, the small side channels containing the edge of the fabric using their TracFix system means that it is held captive and cannot pull free. Then finally the whole hem bar moves with the cloth, this helps to create a bottom profile meaning you do not need a bottom box, and most importantly there are NO visible guide wires.

Motorisation is by Somfy, these ultra reliable motors really are the best on the market, operated via a remote control handset or wire free wall switch, this blind also has a wire free Sun Sensor added, this means that when you are out and the Sun decides to shine the blind will automatically close so when you return home your room will be nice and cool.

Take a look at this video showing the Markilux 889 TracFix electric blind in action and call us on 020-8947-8931 or email for more information