The NEW JRS Eliminate Roof Blind

So here we have another Roof Lantern or Skylight electric blind solution, this one is a JRS Eliminate roof blind.

So this can be installed to just about any type of glass roof to help to reduce heat, glare and UV, JRS also offer a black out fabric option as well, especially useful for bedrooms, cinema rooms or even classrooms.

This simple to use electric blind uses a Somfy motor to draw the fabric out from one end of the blind, the fabric is then held captive within the side channels to help create tension and try and keep the blind as flat as possible, so like most other roof blind systems you have a box at one end containing the motor and a box at the other end containing the fabric, roller and spring system and also side channels all sat neat and tidy on an aluminium shelf to make sure the blind runs 100% straight and true. We have specified a Mermet Natte fabric for this blind, Mermet fabrics really are the best available reducing all the unwanted heat and glare but still giving you the view outside.

So as you will see from the pictures this really is a very neat, tidy and contemporary shading solution for any glass roof, so for more help or information call Deans on 020-8947-8931 or email

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    JRS Eliminate Roof Blind